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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 4, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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am. their big summer tour starts may 16. oklahoma city. >> we're going! >> they're going to be in the after the show show. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> they just found out. bill: good morning. fox news alert. president obama doubling down going after the fox news channel in the second round with bill o'reilly. did you see that one? another interesting round. so much to talk about. martha: good morning, everybody at home. the president could have used the interview as an occasion to talk about benghazi, the irs interview and obamacare. but he went with this tactic. >> regardless of whether it's
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fair or not it has made fox very successful. you have to figure out what are you going do when i'm gone. i'm telling you. bill: as far as i can tell fox news was just fine before and fox will be just fine after this presidency. the question why this approach, why this tactic? >> the president as you know is facing a mid-term elect for his party that looks terrible for them. if history hold, if the polls hold they will face potentially losing a majority in the senate and it looks nearly impossible to take back a majority in the house at this point. the president is basically speaking to the base of the party he hopes will turn out in this elect. democrats have had a problem for
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a long time. several criticisms is he doesn't fight back enough against republicans. going after fox news and saying you guy are unfair to me is a way to speak to the base and rally the base and say he took a shot back. it's much easier in answering questions in a lengthy interview or being reflective which usually comes from longer interviews. bill: i want you to react to this when it came to welfare and the welfare state in america. >> we have not massively expand the welfare state. that's not true. when you take a look at it, the levers of support we provide to folks willing to work hard, they are not that different than they were 30-40, 50 years ago. bill: we have figure on food stamps in america that increased 19 million in five years.
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how do you square that comment? >> the data is there on what programs have expand. president obama like bill o'reilly said on the broadcast. he believes this is the role of government. that in economic downturns particularly the government should provide and guarantee a safety net and create jobs. that the government should provide some kind of -- try to alleviate what he has been focused on which is wage stagnation in this country. it is not the true of his critics. and it's not the view of many americans if you look at pole. it is -- if you look at polls. he set it used to be considered sensible and now it's considered liberal. i think he seize it as a necessary expansion. -- i think he sees it as a
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necessary one. bill: he was asked if he was the most liberal president in history. he didn't say yes or no. he said probably not. >> he disagrees with the characterization of liberal. he says president nixon was probably more liberal. bill: great to have you here. martha: interesting timing from the president. hillary clinton followed up with a tweet taking a swing pat fox news as well. do you think these comments are coordinate? are they about something? are they part of the agenda as we head toward 2016 elections? send us a tweet @billhemmer and martha maccallum. you might say the president was very transparent on this issue in terms of going after fox news
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and what he thinks about liberalism. some say he promised to be transparent and this was a very transparent comment. bill: this strategy pops up about every 18 months. it might be back. martha: the quadruple murlder who escaped from a mitc inch p - from a michigan * prison. he took a woman hostage and made her drive across state lines. she got away when they stopped for gas and made this sunningly calm 911 -- this stunningly calm 911 call. >> i'm at a gas station in indiana. i'm getting gas.
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i'm hostage to an escaped convict from the ionia correctional facility in ionia, michigan. >> you are being held hostage? >> yes, paying for gas. martha: mike tobin is live in chicago. it was transportation that ultimately derailed him. >> reporter: michael elliott told that woman he wanted to get as far away from michigan as possible. he abandoned the red jeep liberty shortly after that carjacking victim escaped, then stole a chevy monte carlo. sheriff's deputies spotted the monte carlo shortly after. >> he tried to roll the window
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down just enough so he could get himself out through the window. but he got halfway and we were right there the moment he came from behind and we pulled him out. >> reporter: he will face new charge for stealing the car and resisting arrest. the priority is to get him back to michigan where he will serve out multiple life sentences for those four murders. martha: how did he get out of prison? they are talking about four barbed wire fences? >> he used a white kitchen uniform to blend in with the snow. we are told he peeled back the wire fence with his bare hand. but it's supposed to be electrified and motion sensors to monitor his movements.
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bill: just when you thought you had seen enough snow, winter storm warnings in effect from oklahoma all the way to the northeast. a lot of this could be ice, too. video in pennsylvania, not a good day to be on the road there, and air travel not much better. thousands of flights delayed or canceled and hundreds in new york city alone just a day after the super bowl causing major headaches for those trying to get out, like this guy. >> the flight is canceled. it can't snow forever. it has to clear up some time and we'll get home. bill: we used to think it could not snow forever, but we are starting to doubt that. forecasters say parts of the northeast could get 8 inches of more accumulation. we had 6 yesterday. we'll give you a forecast and let you know where the next
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storm is going. martha: a bit of a storm on wall street. the dow plummeted more than 300 points in yesterday's training. down 7% for the year. stu varney joins tbhee m -- joie now. what happened yesterday? >> it's a perfect storm and investors are taking the hit. i'll give you four reasons why the market lost so much ground. number one the u.s. economy is weakening. the federal reserve is going to print less money, number three, the global economy is slowing, especially china, that's where american corporations make a lot of their money. number four the stock market was up 3 30% last year. if you sell this year and take your money you don't have to pay the profits tax until 2015.
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i can tell you the dow industrial is 20 minutes from now will open maybe 75 points higher. that's not exactly a huge bounce for a dow that lost 1,000 points-plus in the last five weeks. martha: the strategy has been this huge infusion of cash andly yesterdayity into -- cash and liquidity into the market. now that that's drying up it looks like investors are getting nervous. bill: they'their bonuses taken away after the irs scandal. now a new man is in charge and they got their bonuses back. martha: new details in the death of hoffman. bill: does the real life
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castaway story check out?
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martha: sources telling fox news philip seymour hoffman's death is being treated as an accident at overdose. they say hoffman injected himself but was not trying to commit suicide. 70 small bags of heroin and used and unused needles reportedly found at his apartment. investigators are searching for surveillance videos trying to document his final hours. >> a terrible thing.
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it's very, very tragic. he was a wonderful actor. that's what i remember. martha: no word yet on when yesterday's autopsy result will be released. >> you are saying there is no corruption there at all. i want to know what you are saying. you are the leader of the country. you are say nothing corruption within none. >> there were bone-headed decisions. >> not mass description. >> not mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. bill: 24 hours later the irs announces it will pay employees the bonuses from 2013 that were canceled. some top republicans blasting that decision. orrin hatch ...
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joe senator rob portman is on the senate finance committee. how are you. let's taken a step at a time. the president said not a smidgen of corruption. what do you think of that comment. >> i can't believe the president of the united states in the midst of this investigation is predetermining the evidence by saying there is not even a smidgen of corruption. we had conservative groups targeted because of their political affiliation. groups came too me and said what's going on here. we are not able to get our 513-c4 status. we found out they had reason to believe this was going on. there is definitely more than a
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smidgen. there is a lot of evidence of serious corruption is not too strong a word. for the president to say there is nothing here is unbelievable. bill: you bring up the cincinnati connection. here are the word he used with o'reilly. there were some bone-headed decisions out of a local office. >> our hometown of cincinnati were involved in this, there were bone-headed decisions but that doesn't mean they were made without a deliberate attempt to target conservative groups. this went up to washington. the president himself asked for the resignation of the acting irs commissioner and lois lerner resigns because of this. i think it's irresponsible for the president to assert at this time. bill: he said not en masse
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corruption, not even a smidgen of corruption. last week eric holder suggests criminal charges are still possible. are they? so that's not closed, then, apparently. >> it's not closed. i have been critical of the fact they chose someone from the civil rights division to investigate this. the inspector general says that has never happened in his 12 years. second the person investigating it is an obama campaign contributor. we are look at this sceptically this investigationing. the finance committee in which i served is look at it. let's not prejudge the result. let's insure the american people can have their trust restored in this agency by get together bottom of it and not telling the american people there is no problem here. bill: there are a lot of good people who work at the irs. you would concede that as well.
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should the raises have been reinstated? what is your view on that. >> i have not talked to the commissioner about that. i'm pleased they picked the commissioner with private sector background. i want to talk to him first. no one involved in this scandal ought to be getting bonuses. but there are other hard-working people there who did not get bonuses. i heard reports these are smaller bonuses than usual. i'm not going to prejudge that. bill: the fbi and justice department are looking into criminal activity. the internal investigation on the part of the irs already determined if there was a slow walk of these applications. >> this is about taking an agency that affects all of us in our lives and insuring we can
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restore some trust from the american people. the way to do that is not to have the leader of the government, the president of the united states say there was no problem here when there is plenty of evidence there were problems. plenty of evidence of targeting. all we want to do is get to the bottom of it and insure the investigations were fair and impartial. martha: new questions about the deadly benghazi attack and the reaction by the obama administration. this is new stuff. did the cia director overlook some important facts before testifying. we'll talk about that. and then there is this. bill: are children the latest tools in the terrorism? ambassador john bolton will tell us what it can mean for the war on terror. this young man is said to be 4
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martha: we have new detail on the aftermath and reaction to the deadly attack in benghazi. evidence coming to life raising questions about former deputy director michael morell. there are question whether he altered the infamous talking points to benefit presidentr president obama and hillary clinton. it th the attacks resulted in te deaths of four americans including ambassador christopher stevens. >> reporter: according to this report september 15 one day before susan rise's
6:25 am
controversial talk show. the deputy drct director of the cia and others at the agency received a critical email that report that the reports were not not -- the attack were not an escalation of protests. >> he has been working 24 hours a day to nail count facts. now he's saying again with the big red crayon as clearly as he can, there were no protests. >> reporter: the senate report does not explain when more welln morell red the email. the next day september 16, he then asked characteristics a staff in libya for more information. two days later the cia and fbi
6:26 am
reviewed closed circuit tv video that showed definitively there were no protests. at the height of the controversy susan rice met with senators mccain, ayotte, and graham. >> what i found curious was he did not accept responsibility for changing the talking points. he told me the fbi had done this. i called the fbi, they went ballistic. within 24 hours his statement was changed where he admitted the cia had done it. >> reporter: morrell recently described by the "new york times" magazine as clinton's principle gate cooper. he gave up -- gatekeeper. the "journal" says he is close to hillary clinton citing unnamed officials.
6:27 am
he declined fox's offer to speak on camera. in a written statement late yesterday he insisted the senate report strongly you ports the cia's position that the talking points were not politicized in any way. but that was not the view of republicans on that committee. martha: very interesting. we'll speak to senator kelly ayotte about this. bill: a real-life castaway says he spent a year at sea. but some are questioning his story. martha: the president taking aim the fox news on the same day hillary clinton did the same thing. >> do you think we are unfair to you? >> of course you are, but i like you any way were will be bill. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh...
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martha: president obama blaming fox again during round two of his interview with bill o'reilly claiming our network is not being fair with several scandals in the obama administration. take a look at this back and forth. bill: do you think i'm unfair to you? >> of course you are, but i like you anyway. bill: give me how i'm unfair. you can't make that accusation without telling me. >> we just went through an
6:32 am
interview where we talked about mcnot working. the irs, benghazi. they are defined by you guys. this is okay. if you want to be president of the united states, then you know that you are going to be subject to criticism. martha: during the super bowl hillary clinton blasted out a tweet saying it's so as much more fun to watch fox when someone else is being blitzed and sacked. so this was the tactic? just blame fox news? is that transparent in any way? >> every white house has a target news agency they don't like. in this case obama clearly doesn't like fox. the questions that bill asked were fair, i thought. they were uncomfortable for obama. there is a difference between
6:33 am
unfair and uncomfortable. a lot of politicians have to understand you are going to get uncomfortable questions. why he decided to do this before the super bowl i have no idea. but i guess they thought there was some advantage in it. i don't think the president got beat up too badly. but these were two rather big players in one room together. i wouldn't guess they would be beer drinking partners. martha: for a president who claimed he wanted to have the most transparent presidency and everyone would understand what his motives were and what he was up to, there is an argument this is an extremely transparent across particular. maps perhaps he's trying to move the attention and hillary clinton as well. let's talk about how fox is beating up on us. we don't have a great narrative of our own to talk about. >> hillary clinton's husband bill did that. by this is different.
6:34 am
whining about the media, i would tell candidates and politicians you just sound whiney when you do that. but what is he going run on and what are the democrats up in 2014 going to run on? they don't have a lot. it's a thin document they will be sent out there with. they need something to galvanize the base. they figure let's try running a similar play, and that is going after fox news. they are the only news outlet that legitimately hold them accountable. martha: the president chose to do this interview. when he goes in he has something he wants to accomplish. in my mind he would have gone one of two ways. i'm going to explain what is going on with benghazi, because he's going to be asked that question. and yes believes this is an issue. or you can say, this is just what you guys always do. an went that route.
6:35 am
which is more presidential, which is the better way to go. >> it's impossible to explain all those issues in that format. he has not had a full-fledged press conference on benghazi. on this defense he -- i think the answer to this was that fox news has been consistently put pressure on obama and i don't think unfairly. he never recognizes there people like me who feel like orphan annie defending him. we have a lot of the liberals and contributors on this station. i think that does not get recognized. though i get an invitation to the christmas parties, the rest of you probably don't. >> mine gets lost in the mail. >> yours and sean hannitys. if itch were the political
6:36 am
director of the white house i would say do you want to put bill o'reilly together with this guy with 100 million people watching? are you kidding? >> he has a national audience. he's going to launch an attack to fox news. he's going to change the definition of liberal to sensible. now bob beckel is the most sensible man in the building because liberal equals sensible. if he would have said benghazi or the irs scandal he opened with you are unfair because you are asking me about he had an opportunity here and he had it in the state of the union as well. he could have stood up in either one of those places and said let me explain to you why this promise so essential to this country. why i staked so as much on this program. why i know i'm committed to getting this right.
6:37 am
i think the response would have been, wow, he's sticking to this. he's going to make it work. instead he makes it look for all those people who lost their insurance and are trying to get on the website like -- it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. >> on healthcare reform's an opportunity to highlight that. benghazi, it's a no win for them. healthcare, he will stick with it. the republicans are not going to get rid of it. so the question is he has to for a minimum give the ammunition to the that democrats. martha: but he didn't. one last question. the question what are you guys going to do when i'm gone. we all know fox news has done well before president obama came on the scene. we were tough on president bush
6:38 am
and tough are president clinton. the thought what are you going do once i'm gone. >> it's all about him. he showed he was thin skinned and he has a tremendous ego. we talked about other things before president obama came along and we'll be fine after him. we are also number one in cable news and we were before he came along. i think he feels it's all about him. but the questions we asked about the irs, benghazi and health reform we are asking them because other news outlets aren't. it was president obama who tell us the irs was important and he would get to the end of it and the same with benghazi. he says he would bring them to justice and he has not. >> that's a lot of ifs. if a republican gets elected i think fox will be just fine. martha: hillary clinton during
6:39 am
the 2000 election said fox was giving her a fair shake. bill: do you think we'll be okay? this new company is called facebook. have you heard? today it turns 10 years old. a ripe 10 years old. the ceo mark zuckerberg marking the day and posting it. he wants to connect more people to help solve bigger and more important problems. don't forget to like us. we like it when you like us. give us your thoughts on the news of the day while we are on tv right now. martha: it's transformative. facebook, social media transformed the way people behave. how they live their lives. good and bad in some ways. so some kiss tushing new video out of syria that shows a young
6:40 am
child with a machine gun. new concerns al qaeda may be recruiting child soldier as terrorists. bill: who is ready for spring in half the country? winter storm watch and warnings again. are you in the zone. >> i just said to my husband, i'm going to go out and have fun. >> this works because it's wet, clingy snow. no matter what you wear, it's going to get wet.
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martha: a store owner bet big on the super bowl and ended up losing $7 million. the store said it would give customers who spent over $6,000 a full refund if the seahawks won. he's sticking to his word.
6:44 am
>> as far as financially we can't do well. but we did a great job of building the brand and the business will continue to grow. martha: he says he's league party at the end of the month to hand out the refund checks. bill: at the game sunday i sat next to two guys from houston talking about this furniture store. they said this guy will be out $600,000. martha: $7 million. bill: he's got good pr. just spell the name right. new concerns al qaeda is recruiting children as terrorists. watch here. we are told that young boy is 4 years old. experts say it's nothing they haven't seen already. john bolton, the former
6:45 am
ambassador to the u.n., fox news contributor. good morning. he's 4 years old. apparently he was in syria. the kid comes from uzbekistan. what do you think about this? >> in the west we would describe this as immoral, cynical, blood thirsty, ruthless, but for the radicals, the terrorists, the end justifies the means. it's not the first time they used children as suicide bombers and human shield to protect against attacks by other military units. so i think it is a growing threat because they will use any means they can to achieve their objectives in syria or elsewhere. bill: you could also make a strong case that a guy like assad is using kid as human shield. they will use schools to protect
6:46 am
soldiers. >> they put munitions in school from hezbollah tactics in lebanon. they will fire mortars in israel from somebody's who is inviting retaliation. this sort of behavior is fundamentally contrary to our values. but when you are in it for their objectives, they believe the end justifies the neens means. >> it's clear exploitation. you have seen that not just with the conflict in syria. you saw tonight iraq and cases in afghanistan. in some ways this story is as old as time. >> it has a particular edge to it. this child may have been from uzbekistan. so they may be engaged in human trafficking as well as using children for terrorist activities. it's a sordid story.
6:47 am
>> also on the tape, the audio, they talk about the islamic state in iraq and syria. you talked many times about this border between the two countries with the civil war in syria for two-plus years. how unguarded it is. now you have got the flag of al qaeda flying over fallujah and ramadi. is this becoming a safe haven for these terrorists to gather again? >> i think it is out of control of the iraqi government in bag dade and the assad where he jeep in syria. the sunni extremists on both sides collaborating together. the leadership of sky *. this is a lawless region and that type of anarchy is a perfect place for terrorists and training cams where ultimately we'll see the consequences of through terrorist attacks in the west.
6:48 am
bill: too extreme for al qaeda. >> that tells you something. martha: a former christie staffer bridget kelly pleading several amendments. she says it's a matter of privacy. she does not want anyone going through her diaries and personal calendars. do it make her look guilty? bill: questions being raids add a man drifts ashore after spending 13 months he says at sea on board a very tiny ship, apparently. [♪] bulldog: what's this?
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martha: it started as a day of shark fishing off the gulf of mexico. it turned into 13 months strand at sea. that's what jose ivan alvarengo is telling everybody today. he claims his small boat was knock off course for more than a year. he says he survived and turtles and fish and birds. one official is questioning his physique saying he looks healthier than he should for somebody who has been through all this. dr. manny alvarez is a little bit sceptical about this. >> maybe. that's not saying much. i find it impossible to be out in the ocean -- i know people that have drift in boats for two or three weeks and when they
6:53 am
come back they are so dehydrated. they have no energy. they end up in the hospital. they have renal problems because of the dehydration. the first thing this guys for is tortillas. and he's not hospitalized. this is over a year. if you are in the ocean the amount of water you need -- he wanted to survive. let's say five ounces of water a day. at least 5 ounces maybe to a liter a day. typically we drink 3-4 leader a day. imagine being in the ocean and getting access to that water. it had to rain every day for you to get 5 ounces or more. martha: he said he drank his urine. >> that's impossible. he would have been dead within weeks. it would have been highly toxic. if he ate the turtles and fish
6:54 am
which is high in protein he would need water to digest that food effective live. you don't remain in the ocean for 11 months, 13 month and come out like this. martha: he says -- the guy says he fishes with and works with in mexico say they remember the day he left. there was a huge storm. they say they remember him launching, they went out and searched for him. with him was the young boy who was the friend of his son who said died out there. was not able to handle the condition and he pushed his body overboard. and that he -- i immediately thought of the book "broken" which many of you have read about a plane that went down during the war and he survived for months and months on a raft
6:55 am
beyond all comprehension eating birds, eating fish. collecting water and drinking little bits of it. >> i'm not saying the story may not be true. i'm just going as a doctor. i have to look at this objectively. and to me this is not a person who has been drifting for over a year in the ocean. martha: where has he been? >> i don't know, martha. i'm saying there is something fishy about this story. i would be the first one to apologize to jose if all the facts. >> they pointed to the pictures and said jose is back. that's him. martha: we'll keep digging. doctor manny, we are back to this.
6:56 am
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order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert: two news conferences set to get underway. you have the republican leaders of the house and the democrats will be holding a separate news conference and we will keep on eye on this. and one winter down and two more coming our way and the next could be bringing a foot of snow
7:00 am
to our friends in new england. welcome to a brand new hour of newsroom. >> we had eight inches of snow. it is starting to be routine. schools and businesses were shutdown yesterday but there is more on the way now and another storm on tap for the weekend. this is just winter and the snow isn't too bad to look at. >> it makes the world beautiful. >> i am ready for it to end but it is all good. >> we have maria with a look at what we need to keep in mind when we are out there. >> it is beautiful but so many
7:01 am
are impacted by storms. yesterday's storm felt like it came out of nowhere. the focus was on the super bowl and we forgot about the next day. the forecast was put together quickly and it wasn't expected several days out. parts of connecticut with nine inches and new jersey parts nine inches. and in new york city eight inches was picked up. not everybody across the northeast saw the totals like this but big areas were impacted. the next system is producing snow in oklahoma, kansas and into missouri. we have freezing rain in portions of arizona. we had an ice storm warning in
7:02 am
litt little rock. and we are talking a quarter to half an inch of ice from freezing rain. power outages are a concern and it last until 6 p.m. in portions of arkansas. winter warnings in parts of the northwest including new york city and coastal areas. it is going to be a tough forecast. parts of the midwest has cold temperatures with 6-10 inches of snow and in new york city by 6 a.m. you could have freezing rain mixing in with snow. several inches of snow and then ice on top of that. and interior sections are looking at accumulation possible to exceed a foot. and look at the weekend storm sunday into monday.
7:03 am
a lot of wind possible and then we will keep a close eye on the temperature because that determines if it is rain or snow >> it seems to come always at 6 a.m. when every oone is driving. folks in tulsa are getting hampered. >> indianapolis had 27 inches of snow. chicago almost 34 inches that is the third highest ever. detroit had 39 and that is the most on record in january. and in georgia, two inches of snow turned the highway into a car graveway. thousands of people stranded and they had to walk going 5-6 miles and it was a disaster.
7:04 am
the kids had a camp out at school and the governor announced a task force to improve that state's response for the next time they get hit. >> whether or not an earlier announcement would have avoided things like schools opening and school children being at school or on the buses, i don't know. i think it might have helped in that regard. i think what we are looking at is not looking backward. we are looking forward >> the governor and the mayor of atlanta drew fire for their response to last week's storm. new information in the bridge scandal surrounding the new jersey governor chris christchri christy. an aid invoking her right not to
7:05 am
incriminate herself. she was fired after saying it was time for quote traffic problems in fort lee. christy making new remarks on this story. >> i have been very clear about this. before the lanes were closed, i didn't know anything about it. i didn't plan or authorize it. >> eric is here from new york city. what else did the governor have to say? >> he is saying this is a game of gotcha. but people are saying it is about governmental abuse against its own citizens. the governor said he had nothing to do with it. the denial came on the monthly ask the governor program. >> the most important issue is did i know anything about the
7:06 am
plans to close the lanes or know about it or approve it with any knowledge beforehand. and the answer is no. >> the u.s. attorney has subpoena the office for papers and three top officials are taking the fifth. 3-18 employees who have been subpoe subpoe subpoe subpoe subpoena so far. in a letter her lawyer is writing the act of producing documents in the act of a
7:07 am
subpoena has the right to do so. and he is joined by two others in this fight. last fall, when wildstein resigned they had nothing but praise for him but this week they trashed him. the governor, of course, denies knowing about the closing or lying about it, also. >> eric sean is watching all of that as it moves. in the meantime, fox news alert on this: brand new information on one of the biggest cyber attacks. stealing data from target stores
7:08 am
and affecting a one million americans. the senate committee is looking into what needs to be done to make sure this doesn't happen again. it wasn't just target, right? >> that is right. this is one of two hears that examines the data breaches of many stores that has resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars. choice point was a data brokeer that sold 160,000 consumer's information to thieves posing at choice point clients >> they are claiming choice point failed to use measures to screen data and ignored red
7:09 am
flags and resulted in 800 cases of identity theft. >> that pails to the target case in the fact it is 40 million credit cards and 70 million other information such as banks and addresses. >> there is no such thing as privacy and keeping it to yourself anymore it would appear. >> republicans outraged that president obama calling and claiming fox news is overhyping the scandal about the benghazi terror attack. >> people may view it as having nothing to do it politics but who we are as a country and four fellow citizens were murdered and we were not prepared for it and didn't go help them and thep they lied about it.
7:10 am
>> reaction from armed force member who is life on the hill. >> and the death of philip seymour hoffman is shedding a spotlight on the silent killer that is making more american lives than you may realize. why it is back in a big way and deadly as ever. >> your car maybe talking to other cars soon. could that revolutionize road safety as we know it? we will show you. we will show you. too big. too small.
7:11 am
too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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7:13 am
>> court date getting underway for three oklahoma teenagers accused of killing the baseball player from australia because they were board. chris lane was targeted and shot
7:14 am
in the back. lane was shot while jogging on a tree line street in duncan street. playing catcher at east university in the state of okay. president obama is claiming the media is trumping up so-called scandals like the benghazi attack and in particular fox news. that attack left four people dead and no one has been arrested. jim in hof accused the president of lying. >> that is an outrageous lie. it is like obamacare and the things he said in the beginning. that is going to go down in history as the greatest cover up
7:15 am
and that is compared to water gate and the rest of them. this was a cover up so people would think there was no longer a problem with terrorism in the middle east. >> we have a republican senator here and senator welcome. >> good to be with you >> tell me what jumped out at you during the interview. >> he said within a week we told everyone it was a terrorist attack. right away this own secretary of defense knew it was a terrorist attack. but remember the september 12th interview where he is asked you decline today call it an act of terrorism and he said it is too soon to tell.
7:16 am
but he said within a week he told them it was a terrorist attack. look back at the interview with the view on september 13 where he was directly asked if this is a terrorist attack and he said it is still under investigation. this doesn't pass the smell test when you look at the context of the entire thing. and he talked about the fact that security was lax and why then did susan rice go on and tell multiple shows the security was significant, strong and secure? you cannot tell me that wasn't said in the context of an election where it didn't fit the narrative of what happened. >> i am curious about the new revelations about jeff moral and
7:17 am
the talking point issues. there is some indication he may have been the ones that changed the talking points. at one point he said it was the fbi. and this is relevant because that is what appears to be given to susan rice when she went out there and said it was a video that incited protest and we know the video didn't even exist now. >> this is problematic because what i understand is he received an e-mail the day before susan rice went on the sunday shows that said this isn't an resulting from protest. and susan rise saying al qaeda is removed from the talking points and talks about blaming this video and says al qaeda has
7:18 am
been decimated. this is troubling. and the fact the president subsequently was blaming the video. even though moral may have received information from the day before that contradicted that. this didn't fit their election narrative and that is why it doesn't pass the smell test it wasn't a cover up >> we have to go back to the laden raid and the success of it and the drone strike and the fact the president had overseen many successful attacks on high ranking members and perhaps you are pointing at what the issue was. >> martha, by the way, i was in that meeting when susan rice when the director blamed the fbi for changing the talking points
7:19 am
and we called the fbi and the fbi goes crazy and says he didn't change the talking points. so you have to wonder what was going on particularly now we have about the e-mail the day before. >> there was some discussions going on. i am susan rice's moment to go up and explain what she was talking about. so there is a lot more here contrary to what the president said to o'reilly in the interview. >> more to come on this. it seems like we are just plotting along and no arrest and no satisfaction for those four families in terms of the promise the president would find them. >> there is a story that is bringing a lot of attention to
7:20 am
the abuse of heroin in the world. do you know where so many victims are being taken by this drug? we will talk to a medical expert and dr. marcus siegel as well. >> and a teacher is now facing multiple felony charges after a formal student confronts her and posted it all on you tube. >> you sicken me. i have kids of my own and i am the age i met you at and i could never think about doing what you did. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found
7:21 am
all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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>> a girl scout threatened a gun
7:24 am
while trying to sell cookies in california. this man pointed the weapon at her when she knocked on the door. the suspect was taken into custody and many neighbors in the area are concerned >> i mean i have a 5-year-old daughter. she isn't in girl scouts, but to think he -- she -- was and selling cookies and someone could pull a gun on her >> the kids are told to never sell cookies without an adult along with them. a california teacher confronted by a former student on you tube is charge would 16 counts of sexual abuse that could put her behind bars for life. the 40-year-old sexually abuse
7:25 am
abused the victim when she was 14 years old. the 28-year-old woman got a former teacher to give a startling confession. cephal >> why did you do that? i was only 12. you brainwashed me and what you did was wrong. do you realize that? >> yes, and i regret it. >> william is live on this in los angeles. where is cardoza now william? >> she is in jail. arrested in riverside county. this case is fascinating because of how it unfolded. jaime posted this video to out heracher because she thought it was the only way to get justice. she believed the statue of
7:26 am
limits applies. the now principal admitted to crime. a second younger victim comes forward and yesterday 16 counts of sexual assault. >> i kept thinking about my own kids and how i would not want anything to happen to them. it made me sad when i found out she was teaching at a school. she should not be here >> those words are critical you heard in the video. because it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge except a huge fight in court over this can be admitted. >> what do we know about the
7:27 am
second victim? >> she is younger. police believe there is more out there and that is because she worked at four different schools. districts make it hard to fire someone so they are famous for moving teachers from school to school. there was an investigation this relationship. a lawyer is calling this passing the trash and everyone agrees it is outrageous conduct but that is how problem teachers, if you will, go from place to place. she's facing life in prison. we will see what happens. >> cars that could talk to other cars on the road.
7:28 am
so that something like this: doesn't happen. boom. how this could -- this is awful. how it could change driving as we know. >> it is an oscar winning actors death from heroin overdose is shedding spotlight on a surge all over the country. why it is happening now. >> the heroin on the streets 30 years ago that was made in kitchens had very little power to it. the heroin today is 40 times stronger.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> important action going on today on the hill. the nation's top intelligence officials are giving an update on world wide threats. the new fear is going overseas for training and striking on the homeland after that. how serious is this? >> james clapper is saying syria is becoming a magnet for extremist and the numbers are growing every day. the latest totem was 70
7:33 am
individuals coming from the united states and nearly,000 from europe that is closer by with closer links. they fear what they will do when they come back. people like this fellow that experts say is from the united states and he wants to fill all infid infid infid infidels. they are using twitter and facebook to get out the message >> what is being done? >> authorities are being cooperative in sharing the information. anyone coming back from syria can be stopped and thrown into prison. 16 were blocked in this way.
7:34 am
this is important for the united states. eu passport holders have an easier time. and authorities have a few other things in their favor: there is fighting in the group and they are dying on the battle field. 23 brits have died and that american i mentioned was killed about two-months ago. >> this is when you hope the terror list watch works and the nsa surveillance is always working. we will see, greg, thank you very much. the stunning death of oscar-winner actor philip seymour hoffman from what is believed to be a heroin overdose is putting the spotlight on something that is cheaper than
7:35 am
other. 20 bags and needles were found in new york city. but the rise is being talked about all over the country. we have dr. mark siegel and a professor of medicine dr. daniel bobar who is a certified addicti addiction. thank you. there has been stories from kentucky about the rapid rise of heroin abuse. a man in long island died from it. vermont as well. and more widespread use from new jersey. look on the screen: 2007-2012, the number of users up 80%. from 2000-2010 overdose of 55%.
7:36 am
and heroin seizes up 232%. those are numbers you cannot ignore. the question is why? >> well, bill, what happens was in 1996 oxycotin hit the market and by 2011 it was the best hp-selling drug in america. but people started shifting over after the police intervened to the cheaper alternative of heroin because the supply of the pills dried up. so we are seeing overdoses. gone are the ways of the stereotype of the homeless junky in a back alley with a needle his arm. we are seeing it in the upper income levels
7:37 am
>> what is attractive to an abuser for a drug like this? >> it replaces the endorphins the brain makes and does it in a way where you get the sense of a rush over a few hours. if you are looking for a quick fix to make all of your problems go away, this is it. you end up detached and in no pain. the other issue is it is becoming more and more dangerous because the amounts in there are mixed so it is hard to know. they are mixing with pain drugs. it is replacing a hormone the brain makes >> you would say adults should no better but it is the kids you think about who are exposed in their teenage years. if you are a parent, what is a
7:38 am
telling sign? >> 80% of the heroin users are using other drug and 19 million used marijuana last month so it is all connected to different drug use. if you are a parent you have to look for detachment and look for someone who is not performing as well at school as you were expecting them. it is a sudden detachment from social function. >> you say it isn't for problem with the junky in the alley. but we are leading lower, upper and middle income and all classes now. and that is different? >> that is absolutely true. the reason for that is supply and demand. it is something like that like 80-100 to buy an oxy pill but it is $9 to buy heroin. so people turn to the cheaper
7:39 am
drug and the treatment centers are seeing people from zip codes in the upper-level areas. if the death of philip seymour hoffman taught us anything it is it can affect anyone at any age. >> here is the biggest warning: it can stop your breathing and happens before you know it like it did for him. >> thank you both. >> thanks, bill. all right. new jersey governor christy is defiant. >> the thing about this is while it dominates lots of other folks, it can't dominate me because i have the responsibility for 8.9 people and i will be dammed if i will let anything get in the way. >> the latest move by the fired aid is raising new questions
7:40 am
about those responsible. we will have a fair and balanced debate on this. >> and a clever criminal steals 700,000s of gasoline. fill her up! this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. chris christy ryan, your hotel's robes are fabulous. i have 12 of them! 12? shhhh, i'm worth it... what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. earn free nights worldwide with chris christy chris christy
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>> a gas bandit steals thousands of gallons of tank. he tampered with the pump so he would not to pay for it. the same thing happening to other gas stations in the area. there is a camera above the cab. >> a former top aid to new jersey governor's chris christy is saying she is not going to
7:44 am
hand over documented related to the bridge closcandal invoking her 4th and 5th right. she was fired by the governor. and governor chris christy is maintaining he knew nothing >> i had nothing to do with this first of all. no knowledge, no authorization, no planning to do before this decision was made to close the lanes by the port authority. secondly, i am disappointed by what happened, i am determined to fix it. >> lars larson and jumoo green is here. let's take on the issue of bridget kelly taking the 5th and
7:45 am
4t. she doesn't want to turn over diaries and calendar and we may see the other 18 that have been subpoena take the fifth. how does that look? >> it doesn't look good. it looks like she was caught red-handed and will do as little as possible and file the advice of your lawyers. it wouldn't be that big of a deal if it didn't involve chris christy. his denials are flat and absolute and you know how politicians are: they lie sometimes like the president did on sunday. i have to believe chris christy wasn't involved but she was and they are going to find out. she and others will have to serve the punishments allowed under the law. >> you heard the governor saying she has a lot to do and oversees
7:46 am
8.9 people and getting back to the business at hand. >> he spent the weekend partying and getting boozed. >> would you expect him not to attend the super bowl in his home state? >> of course. but this is about the bigger picture. his statements on this have been inconsistent. >> in what way? >> hold on -- >> this is a many -- >> in what way? you said he was inconsistent and implausible. what statements? >> just the drip of when he found out. david wildstein was a great worker and person and now we as
7:47 am
an awful in person in high school. i know he wants it to be one for all and all for one, but come on, lars, don't baby the pain. you have to recognize this is a problem not for the 2016 candidate but not governor either. >> wildstein wants the port authority to way his lawyer bill and he is upset other's are getting paid and his are not. when you get into the fine print, he says evidence exist that the governor knew about the lane closures during this four-day period. the governor clearly in that statement you heard said he knew nothing about the planning or anything prior to what happened. it seems to me, and you know obviously, there is a lot more to learn, those two statements
7:48 am
are consistent. david is going down kicking and screaming but that doesn't reveal anything as to whether or not the governor knew >> guilty people always have to have enough information they can trade a deal. chris christy has been consistent and denied it flat out. if you say he knew about the lane closures, yes, but it is only wrong if they were done for political purp -- purposes -- i can sure you believe the president doesn't know anything beyond him -- >> don't dry to change the
7:49 am
subject. >> he as a pattern of political revenge. he pulled funding for a rutger's professor programs and used hurricane sandy's funds as a slush fund -- >> there is though evidence of that. >> this is not just a one isolated incident. this man has a pattern of political revenge. >> if you are going to excuse the president for not knowing things on his watch, you have to wait for this to come in. according to the money we have seen with sandy,we are digging into facts, but we are not will to make that leap yet. and i don't know you ask be either if you want to be fair about it. we are trying to be fair about it. thank you very much both of you. we will keep going on this and see where it goes.
7:50 am
>> what is happening now? >> president obama versus bill o'reilly part two. we will have interview and
7:51 am
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>> praet soop your pr >> pretty soon your cars might be talk to each other. >> we just continue to look to new and innovative ways to save lives. this technology represents one such innovation. it is the promise of safety delivered. it is the game-changing potential to avoid a crash in the first place. >> mike is here from nadi and let's try to whip through a bunch of things quickly. i look at this like the collision avoidance system on an airplane. it will dive if it detects another plane or change the
7:55 am
course -- is that the concept? >> think of vehicle being a bubble. 300 yard radius while you are driving done the road your vehicle is communicating through radar with other vehicles on the road to determine hazards. >> don't we have that? >> we have semi autonomously vehicles on the road. but the brake assist is the best where you can take hands off the vehicle and the vehicle stops in front of you before hitting the vehicle. >> is the government going to m m mandate this? i heard 2016. >> here is how it will work: this was talking about v2v --
7:56 am
vehicle to vehicle communication -- they will publish papers and then mandate this. >> mike, were they talking about this at the auto show in detroit. is this affordable? >> absolutely. they will integrate this into vehicles so it is something that is mainstream. it is like electric vehicle technology today. expensive years ago but affordable today. it is coming to market and we are looking for forward to it. >> thank you, mike. good to see you again. well new fallout from the president's sit down with bill o'reilly. what the president said about the future of the
7:57 am
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jon: onward we go. jenna: we will see you tomorrow. "happening now" get started right now. jenna: breaking news on today's top headlines, you will see first. jon: the base ballplayer shot and killed. the three people murdering him for a thriller about to face the judge. and can too much sugar be deadly? we will tell you the results of this new study. and arizona woman accused of killing witnesses in the court case including a nine-year-old boy, police releasing audio recordings. it is all "happening now." jenna: president obama and


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